The Modern Tux Experience

Choosing a tux can be an intimidating experience. Just not at Modern Tux. We make everything as easy as possible. From the latest trends to traditional favorites, we have a huge selection of tuxedos and accessories to choose from. Best of all our highly experienced and talented staff members are passionate about making you look your absolute best for your very special occasion.

Choosing a Tuxedo
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The Tuxedo Timeframe

Step one: Hop in your car and head over to Modern Tux or use our online appointment form. For weddings, three to six months before The Big Day is the norm. For proms, one to eight weeks out is fine. (Just remember: the closer it gets to prom day, the more likely your style may be fully rented for that weekend.) Step two: the measurements. Our staff of experienced tuxedo specialists take great care to take accurate measurements to ensure your tux fits perfectly. You can even submit measurements online. If any adjustments are necessary, our professional tailors will take care of them in short order.

The Perfect Tux Style for You

Trendy? Traditional? It all depends upon your unique personality. First you’ll want to choose a coat—the focal point of any tuxedo. A tuxedo coat can have any one of four basic lapel styles — notch, peak, shawl, other — and up to six buttons. Next, if you’re leaning towards trendy, you’ll want a colorful vest (maybe even something with a wild pattern) baggy pants, and a shoe with black-and-white tips. For something a little more traditional, you’ll want a vest with a more subdued color, a black bowtie, and side-stripe pants. Again, don’t stress—we’re here to help.

Wide variety of Tuxedo Options
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High-Quality Tuxedos, Unmatched Service

Choosing a tuxedo should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. At Modern Tux, our experienced, dedicated staff is committed to making sure your selection and fitting go as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on our tuxedo knowledge and our unmatched customer service. You can be sure that when you choose Modern Tux, you’ll get a high-quality tuxedo that’s professionally fitted to you.

Our selection of tuxedos features the latest styles from today’s top designers.

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